Xirka USIM

Xirka USIM provide simcard for 3G and 4G data connectivity. The chip provided with Operating System that is compatible with USIM standart form 3GPP. The product is provided in all simcard form factor.

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Xirka Contactless Smartcard

VeriU XVU 136/256 is a Contactless or Dual Interface Smartcard witch is designed specifically for high security smartcard. The VeriU family is CPU based card using 8/16 Bit microprocessor.

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Xirka Smart Access

XiSA (Xirka Smart Access) is a device used as an attendance machine and access control using smart card technology. Xisa equiuped with internal Door Lock Driver. XiSA is very easy to install with a compact design and ...

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Xirka N-Clock

NTP-Clock (Internet Sync Clock) is a wall clock that is connected to the NTP server, making it easy to equalize the time between rooms according to the world clock.

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Xirka IoT ~ Board

Xirka X1 is microprocessor chip for board range IoT applications. The chip is eqiuped with 32 Bit Cortex-M3 ARM family processor. In order to easy system development. The chip support by Arduiono Development Tools. The chip ...

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Xirka SAM Card

XST SAM (Secure Access Module) features and specifications of SCard32 contact card developed by XST. XST SAM is ideal solution for secure multi-application smart card in ID Card, access management, ...

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Xirka Smart Campus

Xirka provide a complete smart campus solutions, include student ID, canteen payment, attendance system and cloud based Data Analytic.

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Xirka Smart Payment

Electronic money (e-money) system stored or embedded on smart card, used by students for daily use, using merchant ...

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