VeriU XVU256 - Dual Interface Smart Card Chip

VeriU XVU256 is a member of VeriU family device from Xirka Silicon Technology which is designed specifically for dual interface smart card. The VeriU family is CPU based card using 8051 microprocessor with optimized architecture for power and speed, including the DMA module to permit data transfer from and to RF interface in low power mode without CPU involvement.

VeriU supports contact interface based on ISO/IEC 7816 class A/B and contactless interface based on 14443 type A standard protocol. User can select the interface through CPU configurable register. Flexibility in anti-collision and transmission data protocol make this card can support many kinds of card implementation. System on chip optimization ensures this card can meet customer requirements and support many different applications, high security, programmable, and high-speed performance.


  • Healthcare ID.
  • Public transportation.
  • Event ticketing.
  • ID Card.
  • Micro payment.
  • Access control.
  • Multi function card.
  • Etc.


VeriU XVU256 complies with the following industry standards and requirements:

  • Support contact interface based ISO 7816 Class A and Class B.
  • Support contactless interface based on ISO/IEC 14443 Type A.
  • NFC Forum Type 4 Compliant Tag IC.

Features and Security

  • True Random Generator.
  • Data integrity using CRC-16 based on ISO 14443 type A standard.
  • DES encryption based on FIPS 46-3 specification.
  • 3DES implementation through software implementation (library provided).
  • Symmetric encryption based on AES-128 crypto algorithm.
  • Secured bus and memory management.
  • On-chip voltage regulator.
  • Contact/contactless transmission of data and power supply through power switching module.
  • Compatible with ISO/IEC 7816 command set.

Development Kits

Deliverables of development kits:

  • Keil uVision 3 (Note: License required)
  • Emulator for Real Time Debugger
  • Simulator

Optional Cryptographic Library

Security features is very important aspect in VeriU product family. VeriU-XVU256 has a broad range of cryptographic library to meet various security needs.

  • RSA encryption and decryption, key and signature generation and verification using RSA coprocessor (up to 8192-bit).
  • AES encryption and decryption using AES coprocessor (up to 128-bit).
  • DES and Tripple-DES encryption and decryption using DES coprocessor and software implementation (up to 256-bit).
  • ECC encryption and decryption using ECDH coprocessor and software implementation (up to 521-bit)
  • ECC signature generation and verification using ECDSA coprocessor and software implementation (up to 521-bit).

Optional and Customizable Operating System

VeriU store its operating system on flash memory. The operating system stored on flash memory can be either Xirka operating system (XirkaOS) or third party operating system.

The XirkaOS operating system utilize a broad range VeriU security features and maximize its benefit for variety of needs. Security features can be customized by either disabling or enabling some cryptographic algorithms. This flexible configuration allows customer to maximize VeriU-XVU256 benefit while reducing operating system footprint and its cost structure.

  • Customer who want a ready solution out of the box, default configuration is better.
  • Customer who want to use additional security features or reduce operating system footprint, customized XirkaOS is suitable.
  • Customer who, for some reason, want to use their proprietary operating system or third party operating system, VeriU-XVU256 also support it.

The default XirkaOS operating system will utilize following cryptographic libraries:

  • AES
  • DES/Tripple-DES
  • RSA

Optional Secure Access Module

VeriU family is compatible with XSAM Secure Access Module. There are two methods to communicate securely between VeriU-XVU256 and Card Reader:

  • With SAM

    This option is suitable for type of customer that want to use a generic card reader. User only needs to put XSAM Secure Access Module or any other standard SAM into the reader, and let the rest to VeriU and the SAM to communicate securely.

  • Without SAM

    This option is suitable for card reader manufacturers or vendors who want to use customized card reader and do not want to rely on SAM. User need to make their own version of secure protocol communication that match to VeriU-XVU256 protocol.