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Xirka is a high-tech product design house that creates innovative chipset and its applications for a dynamic lifestyle


Xirka Silicon Technology is the only and first chipset and electronics design house company in Indonesia. Xirka is a fabless semiconductor company that creates innovative integrated Circuit (IC) and to provide mass electronic product for a dynamic lifestyle, our mission is to combine high technology expertise, high quality of human resources, and high creativity for excellent value-added products.

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Xirka was awarded in the Abyudaya award "Best Innovation Work", Badan Usaha Milik Swasta 2019, Kemenristekdikti.


Design Capabilities

xirka capability - end-to-end design

End-to-End Design

Able to design system modeling, chip design, embedded system, casing, UI/UX, and human-machine interface for various purposes.

xirka capability - chip design

Chip Design

Developing Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and System on Chip (SoC) such as a microcontroller, analog circuit, and integration with several IP designs.

xirka capability - embedded system

Embedded System

Developing customized high-quality hardware which able to communicate through various protocols, using specific security regulation, and following electrical safety standards

xirka capability - medical device

Medical Device

Together with Medical Faculty Padjajaran University, Xirka develops robust medical devices, safe to use, easy to learn, and compatible with the existing healthcare system.


TEAM Strength

Expertise in the high-performance end to end design such as complex ASIC, embedded system, and product design following various specification
12 years of experience in high tech hardware development.
User-oriented and secure system and product design
Strong chip design ecosystem throughout the world, including chip foundry value chains, chip packaging, chip testing, and component suppliers.
Excellent research partner from top universities.


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Head Office

Gedung CM, Jl. Matraman I No 9

Jakarta Timur, 13150


Phone. +62-21-819-8700 & Fax. +62-21-2850-7071

Email : info@xirkachipset.com

R&D Department

Kompleks Puri Syailendra Kav.30

Jl. Lemah Neundeut, Setrasari

Bandung, 40164

Phone. +62-22-2014189 & Fax. +62-22-2014253

Email : cs@xirkachipset.com

Xirka Silicon Technology

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