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Smart Campus

Implementation of information technology both in terms of hardware and software to improve service, performance, and other conveniences to support activities on campus.

This technology is built on a smart card that is used to store student data which includes personal data, lecture information or student grades. This card can also be used as presence, access control, e-money and others.

The Ecosystem

Smart Card

A contactless card that can store both personal or academic data.

Smart Access

A device that is used as an attendance machine as well as access control.

Smart Payment

Electronic money (e-money) system stored or embedded on smart card.

Integrated App

Application that integrate smart campus system

Smart Card

The smart card system consists of hardware, software, and smart card protocols. Smart protocol cards include the Secure Access Module (SAM), Key Management System (KMS), and Card Management System (CMS) which are implemented into the Operating System (OS) on the smart card.


- 8 KBytes of user data
- Complies with ISO 14443 Type-A Standard
- Contactless transmission and no battery required
- The 10 cm communication distance depends on PCD power and antenna geometry
- Data transfer: 106 kbit / s, 212 kbit / s, 424 kbit / s
- Data integrity using 16/32 bit CRC, parity, bit encoding, bit count
- DES and 3DES capabilities
- Authentication along with a session key based on a random number
- Random number generator that is FIPS 140-2 compliant
- 7-byte unique identifier (UID) for each device
- Native compatibility commands and ISO 7816-4

Smart Access

Xisa is a device that is used as a machine as well as access control using smartcard technology. This tool is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor for biometric access. Supported by the LAN feature to send data to a server via the internet network. Xisa is equipped with a connector that can be added an electronic key as an access control room.


- Support contact and Contacless Smartcard
- Compliant with ISO 7816 Support T0 and T1
- LAN Connectivity With Programmable Configuration
- 16 x 2 LCD Display and Keypad 4x4
- On Board RTC (Real Time Clock)
- Capacitive keypad (Touch pad)
- Input 12 Volt DC / PoE (Power of Ethernet)
- Support magnetic doorlock integration
- Fingerprint Sensor
- Secure Authentication using SAM Card

Smart Payment

Electronic money (e-money) system stored or embedded on smart card, used by students for daily use, using merchant machine in canteen or mini market. Supports highly secure data communication and flexible system.


- Check Balance e-money
- Top up e-money
- Touch and barcode mode
- Integrated with SAM
- Change PIN
- Database system

Integrated App

The application that integrate the entire xirka smart campus system. This application is created using a web-based application, making it easier for users to access through various devices, either laptops or cellphones with different operating systems.


- Realtime App that connect to local / public server
- Integrated with Xirka Smart Access Device
- Light weight web app
- Log or attendance reports are available either on a daily, weekly or monthly.
- Available analyctical data
- Available backend API
- Customize features

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